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At Auburn Hills Doodles & Poodles, we are a family-owned business dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality puppies. We not only breed our dogs for beautiful looks, but also for health and temperament. Our breeding dogs are health and genetically tested, allowing us to breed responsibly. We specialize in Moyen poodles and MultiGen goldendoodles, both in standard and Moyen size. We strongly believe in the importance of puppy's temperaments, so we provide our puppies with the best socialization and care possible. We take great pride in finding homes for our puppies that will provide them with love, affection, and a forever home.


The fulfillment of seeing new puppies born, watching them grow, and helping shape them and train them in preparation for their new forever homes is the most rewarding experience ever! We hope to help families find puppies from responsible and ethical sources to help build a better and safer world for our dogs. Because our program is small, we are able to give each dog and puppy all the attention and care that they need to develop and thrive. Our dogs are our family, and we give that same love to each puppy as we prepare them to join their forever homes.



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